We sell the good food we raise via Prudent Produce,
which is a food hub co-located on our farm.

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Generations. Decades. Stories. Legacy.

Every farm has a story. This is where we share some of our farm's story. 

The Who

Meet Tony. Tony is the 4th generation, and the driver behind getting the farm

to produce nourishing food for the surrounding community.

The Where

In the Milky Way galaxy, on planet Earth, on the continent of North America, in the country of the United States of America, in the state of Iowa, about halfway between Des Moines and Ames, two miles east of the small town of Elkhart, IA, looking over the valley of the Skunk River. 

Perspective is important when understanding place, and we remember that we are but a speck in time and space. Our lives are everything we have. And yet they are so small, so short. 

The Why

In a state where we make bold claims of feeding the world, we struggle to nourish ourselves. 

And while it is true that our state does contribute a ginormous amount of calories to the world's food supply, there is another perspective that is equally true. Our farming practices undermine the world's ability to nourish itself.

Our water is dirty.

Our topsoil eroding.

Our cancer rate is high.

We want to see the world on a path toward a sustainable and regenerative future.

And we acknowledge our ability to shape that global future is small. 

Although our ability is small, we still have some ability. Much like mosquitoes are small, yet have the ability to alter behavior, so we, too, intend to do our small part to contribute to pursuing a future worthy of our effort. 

The How

Caring for the soil as the living community that it is, we strive to raise food that nourishes in ways that last - for all of those micro-organisms, the livestock we raise, and the humans around us.


There is a lot to fill in on the history here. So many unknowns. 

What I think I know: 'stuff' came together a really, really long time ago to form our sun. 

Earth came into being about 4.5 billion years ago.

Years are maybe a bit hard, since what we think of as a year is usually an earth-year.

If we think about it has 4.5 billion sun revolutions... that's a lot of turns. 

After some time, the earth's crust became distinct from the ocean.

An atmosphere formed.

Life ignited.

Life evolved. 

Humans were one result.


An ice age ended ~11,000 years ago. 

Some of those humans wandered into what is now Iowa. 

Around 3000 years ago, a woodland culture developed. 

Around 1000 years ago, the woodland culture began to be replaced by agriculture. 

In the late 1600s, Europeans began to explore what is now Iowa. 

By 1850, there were no remaining organized groups of Native Americans in Iowa. 


Around 1910, John and Ella Sorenson bought the land that is now part of this farm.