New Family Farm’s Food

Our CSA-like approach is facilitated through the wonderful software at Prudent Produce!

We believe in supporting local farmers who raise food consciously. We also believe that you are the customer, and helping you access the good food that you want to eat in a convenient way is critical to your satisfaction and our long-term success. To this end, New Family Farm will continue to grow the vegetables and to raise the chickens that lay the eggs as we have been doing for years. Prudent Produce will provide the software tools that enable you to easily swap in or out items that make  you happy, and will deliver the the bins with the food that you have chosen to your doorstep. You will pay each week that you order, and only those weeks that you order.

Please know that we stand by our values: We work hard to support other local business – so the money that you pay to us will continue to be used within central Iowa. As our farm grows, we expect to hire more people – creating jobs within our community (seasonal at first, but over the longer term we hope to be able to offer living wages for year-round employees… I did say *longer* term!)

We believe strongly in the health benefits of local, (synthetic) chemical-free food – and that it will pay off in your improved health over the long term by contributing to your general well-being and reducing medical expenses. It is, of course, very difficult to put a dollar value on this, but certainly should be considered in your decision!

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