August update

It’s the middle of Week 11 of our 16-week summer CSA season. Things have been going really well! There are a few pictures here on the website, and even more on our facebook page – check it out and give us a “like”.

This summer, we are packing 25 CSA shares each week. This year is largely about building capacity and laying the groundwork to grow (only partly a pun) in the years ahead. We know that to be a viable CSA farm, we’ll need to be around 100 members, with some variation depending upon how long our season is. Plus we want to help as many people as possible to connect with good, healthy, locally-grown food!

It is easy to become discouraged – thinking about many of the big issues that face small family farms today. Yet, when I think about how good it feels to share the story of what we want to do, all discouragement is replaced with determination to succeed. The joy that our customers have when sticking their teeth into a fresh tomato bursting with flavor, or sharing a perfectly-sweetened melon straight from the vine, or marveling at the color of eggs from chickens that have space to run around – this joy is what makes what we do worthwhile each day.

Thanks for your support – in all forms. The “likes” on facebook, the new email sign-ups for our newsletter, the words of encouragement, and the CSA member referrals – all of these things are important to us and help keep us going.

A quick reminder: we’re now signing people up for our fall CSA share. It will begin Sept 29, include 5 deliveries (every-other-week), and end the week leading up to Thanksgiving. This can be a great way to try out the CSA concept – and with the “Select Share” priced at $185, it’s only $18.50 per week.

Here’s a picture of last week’s share – just to get your mouth watering:


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