Mid-July update

Well, it’s been quite a challenge to keep things updated on the site during the season. Facebook tends to be a much better outlet for that – including frequent pictures from the farm. However, it is worth taking a moment to update here and provide a couple of quick reflections!

The summer share is off to a really great start. For all of the uncertainties that go along with any new venture, starting a CSA has got to be among the things with the most uncertainty. Weather, finding customers, weather, pests, delivery timing, crop timeliness, and did I mention weather? It has been a truly fun, challenging, exhausting, and enjoyable experience – especially when people rave about how great things taste and how good they look.

I’ve just put information on the website for a fall share. This will extend our season into October and November. Given the weirdness of the weather, this will surely be an interesting adventure, and one that we’d love to have you along for!

Here are few recent photos. First, the field as it looks in early July. I’ve tilled up the first spinach crop, and have seeded some turnips there. Beets and kale are doing well to the right. Eggplants, peppers, tomatoes are toward the left, with potatoes behind them and sweet corn in the background.



Here’s a picture of last week’s share (week 5 of the summer). On the right side you see a mix of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, peas, and a garlic scape… the next picture was sent in by one of our members showing it cooked.




The stir-fry mix ready to eat:




And finally – a picture of a special “produce bowl” that was put together as a 4th of July gift (note the red, white and blue (purple) potatoes).


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