Last full week of January

Just a few minutes ago I was excited to write an update – talking about how this week, it was time to move on to things now that the seed order is finished. Then I realized that I wrote that *last* week! It may well be a case of spring fever – yesterday it reached 50 degrees here. And to be fair, I did get a few other things… well, not done, but advanced. And while I’m claiming that the seed order is “done” – I also have in mind a need to review it sometime sooner than later and to extend it for fall crops. I’m fully expecting to do a “fall share” that runs during October and November. And generally that is not important right now – except that it kind of is for things like potatoes, onions, brussels sprouts, etc. Ok, so they’re not important RIGHT NOW. But now is sort of the down time to be thinking about them, priority to the busy time that will start in mid-March when we start seeding crops. Anyway – I write this to remind myself that I need to keep busy.

With those things in mind – the week *will* be busy, though with many off-farm activities. Meeting with insurance agents, a membership committee meeting with the Iowa Farmers Union, meeting with people about the CSA (i.e. marketing), and then the Practical Farmers of Iowa annual conference.

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