About the Farm

The farm circa 1980:



“The farm” was purchased by our great-grandfather – John Sorenson – (our mother’s father’s father) around 1910. My grandfather, Charles Sorenson, born 1914, lived on the farm his entire life except for some time around WWII and the cumulative years from spending 25 winters AirStreaming in the south. He married our grandmother (Lois Miller) in 1950, and they lived together until they both passed in 2010.  They farmed until the mid-1970s, when they retired. From a few years during the 1970s, the land was rented out. Our mother (Cindy) and our father (Chuck) moved to the farm in 1980, and farmed until 1985. Since 1986 (?) the land has been rented out to a farmer living a mile down the road.

The Farm is located two miles east of Elkhart, which is about 15 miles northeast of Des Moines. Click on the map to open it in Google Maps.



In the fall of 2013, we began making some preparations to utilize some land to produce vegetables. We went to an auction, bought a small plow and disc, and prepared our two-acre hayfield for a fall cover crop of winter rye. And that is where the journey… continues! (We can’t really say ‘where the journey begins’ since the farm has been around for a century, and one of our journeys began off-farm.)


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